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"The Directors are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, and, so far as is practicable given the Company’s size and nature, to comply with the QCA Code."


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THIS DOCUMENT IS IMPORTANT AND REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. If you are in any doubt about the contents of this Document or as to what action you should take, you should consult an independent professional adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) if you are in the UK, or, if not another appropriately authorised independent financial adviser who specialises in advising on the acquisition of shares and other securities.

This Document comprises an Admission Document drawn up in compliance with the requirements of the AQSE Growth Market Rules and is being issued in connection with the proposed admission of S-Ventures Plc to the AQSE Growth Market. This Document does not constitute and the Company is not making an offer to the public within the meaning of sections 85 and 102B of FSMA. Therefore, this Document is not an approved prospectus for the purposes of and as defined in section 85 of FSMA, has not been prepared in accordance with the Prospectus Rules and its contents have not been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or any other authority which could be a competent authority for the purposes of the Prospectus Directive. Further, the contents of this Document have not been approved by an authorised person for the purposes of section 21 of FSMA. This Document will not be filed with, or approved by, the FCA or any other government or regulatory authority in the UK.

The Directors of the Company, whose names are set out in the about us section of this website, accept full responsibility, collectively and individually, for the information contained in this Document including the Company’s compliance with the AQSE Growth Market Rules. To the best of the knowledge and belief of the Directors (who have taken all reasonable care to ensure that such is the case), the information contained in this Document is in accordance with the facts and there is no other material information the omission of which is likely to affect the import of such information.

The share capital of the Company is not presently listed or dealt in on any stock exchange. Application has been made for the issued ordinary share capital of the Company to be traded on the AQSE Growth Market. It is expected that Admission will become effective and that dealings in the Ordinary Shares will commence on the AQSE Growth Market on 28th August 2020.


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Shareholders Above 5%

Major Shareholders with more than 5% of equity:
Scott Livingston: 47,749,108 shares - 39.9%
Simon Ashburner: 8,147,385 shares - 6.8%

Silverstar Holdings Ltd:  7,083.333 shares - 5.9%

Total shares in issue: 119,802,943
Number of shares in public hands: 39,931,063

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